SNS Gelous Color Kit

SNS Gelous Color Kit

This kit has been created for SNS Gelous Colors on Natural Nails

Kit Includes:

  • Gelous Base 15ml
  • E.A Bond 15ml
  • Sealer Dry 15ml
  • Gel Top 15ml
  • Vitamin Oil 15ml
  • Brush Saver 15ml
  • Natural Set Sheer (2oz)
  • Gelous color of your choice 1(oz)

Please click here to see our range of 1oz SNS dip powder. Type the color into the boxes above to make your selection(If there is no add to cart button the product is out of stock)

Warning applies to 15ml Bottles: To avoid injury, DO NOT force the bottle open. If the bottle cap is stuck immerse the bottle in hot water including the cap for 5 minutes. Remove the bottle from the water. Cover the bottle with a pedicure towel and twist the cap gently to open.

Due to SNS updating their packaging, the products you receive may differ from what is pictured. The liquid or powder inside however remains the same.

Note: Natural Set & Brush on Glue are also required for tips